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Connector Accessories Protective Cap Aluminum Alloy

Manufacturer: ITT
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Product Category
Circular MIL Spec Tools, Hardware & Accessories
Protective Cap
Body Orientation
Operating Temp Range
- 55 C To 125 C
Product Diameter Mm
52 mm
Product Length Mm
37 mm
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Cannon CA Bayonet Connectors In Accordance with VG95234 IP69K CompliantDimensions shown in mm Specifications and dimensions subject to change 2

Tariff Desc

8536.69.90 CONNECTORS, electrical, being ANY of the following:
(a) rectangular rack and panel;
(b) cylindrical; or
(c) RF coaxial
and manufactured in accordance with ANY of the following military Specs
MIL-C-8384, MIL-C-21671, MIL-C-26518, MIL-C-28731, MIL-C-28748,
MIL-C-28804, MIL-C-81659, MIL-C-83527, MIL-C-83733, MIL-C-85028,
ARINC 600, ARINC 404
Cylindrical connectors
MIL-C-85049, MIL-C-5015, MIL-C-10544, MIL-C-12520, MIL-C-22249,
MIL-C-22539, MIL-C-22992, MIL-C-24217, MIL-C-25955, MIL-C-26482,
MIL-C-26500, MIL-C-83723, MIL-C-27599, MIL-C-28840, MIL-C-38300,
MIL-C-38999, MIL-C-55116, MIL-C-55181, MIL-C-55243, MIL-C-81511.
MIL-C-81703, MIL-C-83723, NAS 1599
RF coaxial connectors
MIL-A-55339, MIL-C-3643, MIL-C-3650, M26637/1, M26337/2, M39012/07,
M39012/08, M39012/09, M39012/10, M39012/11, M39012/12,
M39012/14, M39012/18,
M39012/20, M39012/23, M39012/24,
M39012/29, M39012/30,
M39012/33, M39012/34, M39012/35, M39012/36, M39012/37,
M39012/38, M39012/39, M39012/40, M39012/41, M39012/42, M39012/43,
M39012/44, M39012/45, M39012/46, M39012/47, M39012/48, M39012/49,
M39012/55, M39012/56, M39012/57, M39012/58, M39012/60, M39012/61,
M39012/62, M39012/63, M39012/64, M39012/65, M39012/66, M39012/67,
M39012/68, M39012/69, M39012/70, M39012/71, M39012/73, M39012/74,
M39012/75, M39012/76, M39012/77, M39012/79, M39012/80, M39012/81,
M39012/82, M39012/84, M39012/85, M39012/86, M39012/87, M39012/88,
M39012/89, M39012/90, M39012/91, M39012/92, M39012/93, M39012/94,
M39012/95, M39012/96, M39012/100, M39012/101, M39012/102,
M39012/103, M39012/104, M3655/01, M3655/02, M3655/04, M3655/05,
M3655/06, M3655/07, M3655/08, M3655/09, M3655/10, M3655/11,
M3655/12, M3655/13, M3655/14, M3655/15, M3655/16, M3655/17,
M3655/18, M3655/19, M3655/20, M3655/21, M3655/22, M3655/23,
M35516/16, M25516/17, M25516/18, M25516/19, M25516/20, M25516/21,
M25516/22, M25516/25, M25516/27, M25516/28, M25516/29, M27434/5,
Op. 01.07.1997 Dec. 19.08.1998 - TC 9706627
ITT Cannon, LLC
ITT Corporation
ITT/Cannon Connectors