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68PARN-060C electronic component of Grayhill

Board Mount Hall Effect / Magnetic Sensors Redundant Hall Effect Potentiomter with Cable Termination

Manufacturer: Grayhill
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Product Category
Board Mount Hall Effect/Magnetic Sensors
Long Life Potentiometer Substitute
Operating Supply Current
22 mA
Maximum Output Current
2.5 mA
Operating Supply Voltage
4.5 v to 5.5 V
Minimum Operating Temperature
- 40 C
Maximum Operating Temperature
+ 85 C
Mounting Style
Output Type
Linear Hall Effect Sensors
Termination Style
Cable With Connector
With Switch
No Switch
Product Type
Hall Effect / Magnetic Sensors
Shaft Type
Supply Voltage - Max
5.5 V
Supply Voltage - Min
4.5 V
Hts Code
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Hall Effect Specifications are subject to change. Please refer to the current datasheet on for the most current published specifications for this product. Hall Effect SERIES 68P Long Life Potentiometer Substitute FEATURES APPLICATIONS Ratiometric analog output Test & Measurement equipment Debris resistant Hall effect sensor Audio / Visual equipment technology Potentiometer substitute with long life 7 million rotational cycles Agriculture & Construction engine speed Single or redundant output control Custom output options Optional shaft and panel seal Reverse voltage and overvoltage protection DIMENSIONS in inches millimeters .161 .002 4,090,05 .380.003 9,65 0,07 .057.002 1,45 0,05 Suggested Mounting Panel Cutout TERMINATION OPTIONS 654321 654321 654321 PIN 1 PIN 1 MATI N G CO NN E C T O R A MP P /N 7-215079-6 .050 Connector .050 Stripped Cable .050 Pin Header Grayhill, Inc. 561 Hillgrove Avenue LaGrange, Illinois 60525-5997 USA Phone: 708-354-1040 Fax: 708-354-2820 www.grayhill.comHall Effect Specifications are subject to change. Please refer to the current datasheet on for the most current published specifications for this product. Hall-Effect ELECTRICAL SCHEMATIC PIN PIN Hall VDD VDD 6 6 Effect Sensor A Reserved OUT 5 5 OUT A Hall 4 Reserved 4 Effect OUT B 3 Sensor Reserved Reserved 2 3 Gnd Reserved 1 2 Hall Effect Gnd 1 Sensor B Redundant Single Sensor * Customized electrical outputs are available. Contact Grayhill for additional details. SPECIFICATIONS Electrical Ratings Operating Voltage: Minimum 4.5V, Solderability: 95% free of pin holes & voids, MIL- Cable: Copper stranded with topcoat in PVC, 28 maximum 5.5V (VDD) AWG (cable version only) STD-202, Method 208 Absolute Maximum Voltage* on Pin 6 (VDD): -18V Header Pins: Tin-plated phosphor bronze to +27V ROHS Compliant Environmental Ratings Supply Current Redundant Sensors: Typical Operating Temperature: -40C to 85C, IEC 68-2- 22mA, maximum 40mA 1, Test Aa and IEC 68-2-2, Test Aa EMC Ratings Supply Current Single Sensor: Typical 11mA, Storage Temperature: -55C to 85C, IEC 68-2-1, Radiated Immunity: Meets ANSI/ASAE EP455 5.16 maximum 20mA Method Aa and IEC 68-2-2, Method Ba (100 V/m, 0. 014-1000 MHz, 3 orientations) Output Current: 2.5mA max Humidity: 96 hours 90-95% humidity 40 C, Conducted Immunity: Meets IEC 61000-4-6, Level 3 Recommended Load: 2K-5.6K Ohms Pull-Down MIL-STD-202, Method 103B Radiated Emissions: Meets ISO 14982, Sec 6.4 Resistor Mechanical Vibration: Harmonic motion (Broadband), Sec 6.5 (Narrowband) limits Power-Up Time: 20ms with amplitude of 15g within a varied Conducted Emissions: Meets CISPR 25, Class 3 Sensor Error: When an internal sensor error occurs, frequency of 10 to 2000 Hz for 12 hours, MIL- Electrostatic Discharge: Meets ANSI/ASAE EP455 the ouput goes to < 4% of supply (VDD) STD-202, Method 204, Test Condition B 5.12, Level 1 Mechanical Shock: Power Frequency Magnetic Field: Meets IEC 61000- Test 1: 100g for 6 ms half-sine wave with a Soldering Recommendation 4-8, 100 V/m velocity change of 12.3 ft/s. Hand solder only per IPC J-STD-001 * Exceeding the Absolute Maximum Voltage may result in Test 2: 100g for 6 ms sawtooth wave with a permanent damage to the device. This is a stress rating only velocity change of 9.7 ft/s, MIL-STD-202, Method and functional operation of the device at those or any other Physical & Mechanical Ratings Mechanical 213, Test Condition C and I conditions above those indicated in the operation listings of Life: 7,000,000 cycles of operation. 1 cycle is a Thermal Shock: 25 cycles from -55C to 100C, this specification is not implied. rotation through all positions and a full return MIL-STD-810F, Method 503.4, procedure I Average Rotational Torque: 1.5 in-oz maximum Seal: IP67, Meets IEC 60529 Maximum rotational speed: 100 rpm Mounting Torque: 15 in-lbs. maximum Materials and Finishes Shaft Pushout / Pulloutut Force: 45 lbs. / 45 lbs. Bushing: Zinc minimum Shaft: Stainless Steel Terminal Strength: 15 lbs. minimum. Cable or Hex Nut: Nickel plated brass Header pullout force, MIL-STD-202, Method 211A, Lockwasher: Spring steel, zinc plate with clear Test Condition A trivalent chromate finish Encoder has ratiometric analog output (output levels are proportional to the supply voltage). Specifications on this datasheet apply VDD = 5.00 V. MOUNTING PANEL RECOMMENDATIONS ORDERING INFORMATION FOR PANEL SEAL VERSION: Grayhill Series Number 1. Panel thickness should not exceed 0.157 . Style: A = 5.0V 2. Mounting hole diameter to be per recommended Sensor Type: R = Redundant S = Single dimensions. 3. 0.470 X 0.020 counter bore required for proper Seal: N = No shaft / panel seal sealing. S = Shaft /panel seal 4. Anti-rotation feature is recommended. Feature should be designed to lock into bushing keyway. 68PXXX-XXXX Cable Length: 020 = 2 030 = 3 040 = 4 Termination: 050 = 5 S = .050 Center cable with .100 stripped end 060 = 6 C = .050 Center ribbon cable with connector Leave blank if header P = .050 Header For prices and custom configurations, contact a local sales office, an authorized distributor , or Grayhill s sales department. Grayhill, Inc. 561 Hillgrove Avenue LaGrange, Illinois 60525-5997 USA Phone: 708-354-1040 Fax: 708-354-2820

Tariff Desc

8543.70.00 - Other machines and apparatus Free
13 No Signal processors (graphic equalisers, crossovers etc.)
91 .. Other

9027.10.00 Instruments and apparatus for physical or chemical analysis (for example, polarimeters, refractometers, spectrometers, gas or smoke analysis apparatus); instruments and apparatus for measuring or checking viscosity, porosity, expansion, surface tension or the like; instruments and apparatus for measuring or checking quantities of heat, sound or light (including exposure meters); microtomes.

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